A Guided Approach To Energy Work

For some, this type of work seems to lack visible cues as to what is being done. There are no pills to take, no physical manipulation, or anything that seems to be required of the client.

And while that is true, there is a level of interaction happening that isn’t about doing anything, just receiving the flow of life force that is available to us all.
It can be described as a topping up of our energy levels like adding fuel to a car to keep it going, or smoothing over a rough patch.   When we are ill, in pain, or out of balance our energy levels are depleted, leaving us unfocused, possibly depressed and weary. We are all beings of energy, and how much we have depends on our ability to cope with everyday stress and the interactions life presents us with.

There are many different healing modalities that interact with our energetic bodies bringing balance into our lives. For me they are all aspects of unconditional Divine Love and Respect; some methods resonating more than others to an individual.

Have you ever experienced Reiki, or a Crystal Healing? Maybe you have had the Metamorphic Technique done or Therapeutic Touch.

I invite you to help others understand and learn through your experiences.