Abuse…It Has Many Faces

Is it possible to ever let go of the pain, insecurity and loss of faith that is a result of the impact of abuse?

Do you flinch if someone around you yells and it wasn’t even at you? Do you find you hold back, never saying or doing anything that might bring the focus back onto yourself? Do you find yourself giving into others, and giving up on your own dreams?

It is sad when we lose sight of our own importance and equality in life.

If you are looking for strength, comfort and support and care to share your survival and healing methods, then this is the place.

Let’s talk…

AHA Moments

Do you ever get an ‘AHA’ moment when it seems that the direction, path or answer hits you with such clarity that you ask yourself why you didn’t see it before?

In this blog, I would love if you could share your spiritual insights and moments of wonder that connect us all.

I had one of those moments recently when it was shown to me why it is so important to remain grateful for what we do have when asking for the things we feel we need. The thought that occurred involved the picture of a child’s teeter- totter with all my bills, debts and financial obligations on one end and all my blessings, income and assets on the other. It seemed I was always trying as they say to balance my check book creating an up and down flow but never staying for long in or out of abundance. Since we already know our personal debt load and we realize that the more we focus on something the more real it becomes, (making the debt end heavier again and again no matter how we create income) the AHA came in changing the teeter-totter to a diving board. If we look to the things in our life that we are grateful for and pack them all around the base of this diving board, making it strong and secure then we can step out along its length taking risk and finding opportunity. When we focus on lack or what we feel we don’t have it weakens the base of the diving board limiting our trust in ourselves and keeping us from looking for ways or seeing potential in ourselves for having or creating more.

I would love to have your thoughts to share….


Meditation – A Road To Relaxation

For me, meditation isn’t so much something that I do; it is more of a place to be. When I allow myself to relax, focus and slow my breathing, my mind automatically stills and becomes open to inspiration and sometimes answers. The amazing health benefits have been medically studied and affirmed and yet financially costs us nothing but time.

There are many methods for achieving the meditative state and one I find very effective is to allow myself to just drift and dream. Please enjoy the photos I will be posting on my home page that are from my Dreamscapes collection, and follow the suggestions to increase your personal awareness.

I would love you to share your experiences, thoughts and suggestions for our combined greater learning…

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A Guided Approach To Energy Work

For some, this type of work seems to lack visible cues as to what is being done. There are no pills to take, no physical manipulation, or anything that seems to be required of the client.

And while that is true, there is a level of interaction happening that isn’t about doing anything, just receiving the flow of life force that is available to us all.
It can be described as a topping up of our energy levels like adding fuel to a car to keep it going, or smoothing over a rough patch.   When we are ill, in pain, or out of balance our energy levels are depleted, leaving us unfocused, possibly depressed and weary. We are all beings of energy, and how much we have depends on our ability to cope with everyday stress and the interactions life presents us with.

There are many different healing modalities that interact with our energetic bodies bringing balance into our lives. For me they are all aspects of unconditional Divine Love and Respect; some methods resonating more than others to an individual.

Have you ever experienced Reiki, or a Crystal Healing? Maybe you have had the Metamorphic Technique done or Therapeutic Touch.

I invite you to help others understand and learn through your experiences.

Energy Work…Is It For You

While I do offer a variety of interactive learning opportunities, there are many other types of workshops also available.

Let’s discuss what does work, the methods for learning, and new opportunities that excite and energize us all.

If you have questions or comments on my workshops or would like to know or experience other ones just let me know!