An Introduction To Spiritual Readings

Spiritual insight can be found in numerous types of readings. On my site I offer numerology, tarot, and even readings done through choosing crystals pertaining to the chakras.

I offer this forum for questions and insights and I welcome your thoughts and experiences with all forms of readings.

One thought on “An Introduction To Spiritual Readings

  1. I recently completed a reading for a client solely based on the power of their thoughts. It has been proven that the more we focus on something the greater the energy is directed into making it real.
    For this client the cards gave her insight into her own involvement in her actions through the thoughts she didn’t know she was thnking.
    We all have the opportunity to change the way we think, yet until our thoughts are pin pointed how do we know what they really are?
    Well, in view of the fact that our reality is a result of our dedicated thought, then are you happy with your life right now?

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