Abuse…It Has Many Faces

Is it possible to ever let go of the pain, insecurity and loss of faith that is a result of the impact of abuse?

Do you flinch if someone around you yells and it wasn’t even at you? Do you find you hold back, never saying or doing anything that might bring the focus back onto yourself? Do you find yourself giving into others, and giving up on your own dreams?

It is sad when we lose sight of our own importance and equality in life.

If you are looking for strength, comfort and support and care to share your survival and healing methods, then this is the place.

Let’s talk…

4 thoughts on “Abuse…It Has Many Faces

  1. From a Christian (as well as many other religions) perspective, remember that God loves you, and has made you for a specific purpose, unique to you. If you accept that premise, perhaps you can realize that you are as important as anyone else, regardless of his or her “status” on this planet.
    May God bless and keep you safe.

  2. Yes I agree in a wellbalanced and loving world we would know that we are loved and equal. Yet for some it is a journey of re-establishing trust in ourselves before we can believe in a loving world.
    This survival can be built around finding the one special, talented or most passionate piece about you and holding on really tight. If you never give up believing in yourself, then others will find more reasons to also believe in you and trust really can be established again.

    • Thank you for taking the time to read about my work on my web site.
      Since you are posting this under the abuse issues, may God be with you as you find your passion and strength to move forward. Keep in touch…

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